Who we are

Our Vision

To make the world a kinder more caring place.

Our Mission

Give honor to God and share His love by offering products that inspire.


Welcome! We are glad to meet you.
We're Sandy and Colin Burch,the artist and the engineer (with a creative soul).

 For nearly 55 years of marriage, we have dreamed of having a business. A place we can share some encouragement, bring a smile and offer help to others. We hope you find your own creativity as you share our products and your love.

We believe, as the Bible tells us, that each person on earth is a masterpiece, a poem, created by Father God in His image. Therefore, every person is creative as well. We seek to help you discover your creativity as you share your love with others in the form of a gift or card. Did you know, coloring is relaxing and helps calm our minds and hearts? We encourage you to color the note cards before you send them or enjoy them for yourself. We hope you will be inspired to create your own art as you look at our products.


As you look through these painting and drawings, we expect you’ll find a smile. Whether your smile is filled with joy or a sigh, when your face smiles, it creates pathways in your brain that enable you to relax. Once you have a smile of your own, it can be broadened by sharing it with others. Here, you are sure to find a gift, whether a painting, print or a note card, that will bring a smile to someone you care about.

Blessings and love to you!