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See yourself, if you will, in an open field. It’s cold and, except for the faint light of the stars, it’s very dark. Your sheep are safely surround by you and your friends and you’re just beginning to nod off, hoping to catch a few winks.

Suddenly the sky is bright, fairly rolling with activity and movement. No, it’s not a storm or tornado. It’s… angels! Are you KIDDING me?? Not only are they bright and active with excitement, they’re singing at the top of their “lungs”! They’re talking!- to YOU!

Think you’d be afraid? Yep. Me too. Afraid and filled with awe and dumb struck.

What are they saying? The messiah is born? Wow! That is really big news, so why in the world are they telling you? You’re only a low-life shepherd, an absolute nobody. Not only are they telling you of His birth, they’re telling you where to go and see Him.

Angels… filling the dark night-sky with bright light and the news of the century. Amazing.

Angels. The very thought is intriguing.

We don’t know a lot about angels, but we know a few things. And they are pretty exciting things.

We know angels dwell in God’s presence and do His bidding, carry out His Word.

We know they protect us and, at times, guide with along with the Holy Spirit.

We also know they are not the cute fat little cherubs found in paintings from the Old Masters.

Angels are strong and huge and powerful and despite us humans depicting them as “female”, they are probably more gender neutral but more on the “male” side.

One more thing about angels…. We humans aren’t always aware of it when we are in their presence. Evidently they are sometimes disguised as human beings, showing up when we need extra immediate help, then disappearing once the threat is over

At Christmas time we are especially enamored with angels because of the large part they play in the Biblical account of the story of the birth of Jesus. We can find angels on our wrapping paper; or presiding over our Christmas trees from the very top branch. We find angels on our front lawns; and cascading down our Christmas tree. We find angels in art and our kids make paper angels.

I am intrigued by angels. The angels I paint or draw look more like human women- they are not “biblical” angels, which would be more like huge, warriors, I think.

I believe our Heavenly Father sometimes uses angels to provide us with guidance and protection. According to Paul, we have an angel assigned to us- our very own “guardian angel” who knows us and is changed with keeping an eye on us at all times. The angels I paint almost always have an ethereal dress on, one that seems to shimmer in the light of her residence on the canvas. Her dress is filmy and sometimes filled with starlight and Heavenly words.

I hope you will find one who “speaks” to you and to your heart’s desires. I pray the angel you choose will remind you of the deep, abiding love of our Heavenly Father and the blessing of having your very own angel throughout your life.

Presented here is one collection of ANGELS OF CHRISTMAS, 2021.

On the website, you will find other angels. Some have their own collection, like the Barrel Angels, while others are simply mixed with other paintings.

Take a look. Which angel “speaks” to you? Is there more than one who wants to take up residence in your home? You know, you cannot have too many angels.

The first four angels listed here, Praise, Gather Together, Wreath, and Garland, have a ribbon attached at the top so it can be used as an ornament, hanging on the tree. However, if you prefer, you can easily unscrew the eye screw that attaches the ribbon and hang her on your wall in that small empty spot, maybe near your Christmas tree!

There are also Christmas themed paintings in our Catalog Collection. Please take a look!

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