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Do you realize how much your surroundings affect you?

We’ve come to recognized that the weather and season can affect human emotions. But we really can’t do anything about the weather except adjust OUR reaction to it. We can, however, control our living and work environment to some extent.

Your surroundings should reflect you- your energy, your passion, your inspirations.

What’s in your heart?

What speaks to your soul?

Does your eye need to see more color and fun, more inspiring views?

Does your mind want, or need, to meander and explore a bit (as abstract art encourages)?

After considering these questions, consider this. What is on the walls at home and in your office? What sits on your nightstand, over your kitchen sink or on your desk? Is there an object that draws you into quietness and peace? Are there words that quicken your pulse with inspiration?

If you are surrounded by beautiful things that lift your spirit, you will live a more joyful, inspired life. When the news and family drama or other stressors, begin to weight on you, a spot of beauty within your line of vision can lift your spirit. It can be (has been for me) an anchor that holds you steady in the face of uncertainty.

It’s time to pay attention to your spirit and the Holy Spirit! Every one of us is battling with the huge changes that have come about in the world, especially during 2020/2021. We need all the help we can get, friends! We need to be more intentional in keeping ourselves positive and kind in an increasingly negative and mean-spirited world. We’ve been given the Holy Spirit and we’ve been given the beauty of Creation to help us along our journey. Shouldn’t we use the gifts we have?

If all you see is (fashionable) grey walls, maybe it’s time to let your spirit free, let it soar with color and movement. A piece of artwork may not seem like a necessity, but it can be important to your mood, even to your health. In the long run, it can contribute to saving you money in doctor bills and medicine ** Yeah. OK. That is a little far-fetched, but only just a little. What you surround yourself with affects your mental health as well as your physical health. Think about that. Maybe you can’t afford to get all your rooms re-decorated, but perhaps all you need is a piece art that speaks to your heart. Perhaps what you need is art on your table, something that brings you joy and a smile. Artwork is easy to change out to give your space a seasonal change. Not many of us can afford to re-paint an entire room on a whim but a piece of art can bring an entirely different feel to a space. Even a large painting is fairly easy to store, so it’s not like you need lots of extra storage space in order to spice up your decor!

Take a snapshot of your room. Does it draw you in, invite you to get to know yourself? Or maybe it’s lovely but chilly, magazine-ready? Is it too cluttered with unpleasant stuff? Your surrounds need to express your you-ness. They also need to inspire you.

Fresh flowers add happy colors and inspiration. However, they will eventually wither and need to be thrown away. There is so much beautiful original art available to us! Artists who have their work online love to share their story with you. You can get to know them and find out where they find inspiration. Local artists are a treasure, be sure to find them, and support them! BTW, I have nothing against Home Goods, Hobby Lobby or Kirkland’s. They sell reproductions of some wonderful artists’ work.

Another source of artwork for your living space is your child’s artwork. It is probably full of color and fun. Matted and framed, a child’s artwork is an inspiring choice!

So, think about it. What do YOU find inspiring? Do your like photographs for their exact copy of a moment? Do you enjoy color and movement, where you can make up your own stories and inspiration? Do you like representational art with color and movement, and perhaps a few words? Do you like words with just a bit of embellishment?

Allow yourself to be engaged by art- whether a painting or sculpture. Of course, music or landscape or a tasty meal are also art but right now I’m talking about visual art. You can see visual art 24/7, with the turn of your head. How can YOU add more inspiration and encouragement to your daily life? Do you need a painting for the bedroom wall, or a colorful wallpaper for your phone case? We can and should surround ourselves with as much joy as possible. Even if you live in a rented, furnished room, you can add a couple of pieces of art to set on your dresser and desk. Artwork doesn’t have to cover the entire wall to be eye-catching and inspiring. Small paintings are delightful tucked into a small spot in your room

Whatever speaks to your heart and causes joy or peace or thankfulness to arise is “good art” and it belongs on your walls, your coffee mug and on your tabletops.

Do you already collect art? What’s your favorite piece? Is it a big painting on your living room wall or a small sculpture that sets on your desk?

If you don’t have artwork in your surroundings, what appeals to you? Are you going to add a couple of small pieces for starters? The sky’s the limit.

Art will help inspire you and brighten your outlook. Get something that makes your heart happy, don’t worry about what your friends think. Go with your gut. If you like it, that's all that matters!


** Please note: I’m not suggesting that art will solve all your mental duress. If you need help and medication, please get it. I am all about getting the help we need. However, I DO know for a fact that our surroundings affect our health- both physical and mental. And I know we, as human beings, are much more likely to thrive in a beautiful environment.




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